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Announcing Eddie Upnick's Exciting New Release
Full Circle

Read the riveting first four books!
Time Will Tell, Future Tense, 2052 and Lonely Heroes
About the Author

Eddie Upnick lives in Bayside, New York.

Of Time Will Tell, Eddie says, “Many hidden truths are revealed in this book.”

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Full Circle

Full Circle is adventure-filed and riveting story!   The Ultimate battle between good and evil in the Universe is at hand.  The key to everything is a two word password.   Depending on who knows it determines the fate of countless trillions of life forms!

Would you like to travel back in time and meet your parents before you were even born?

Then Full Circle is for you!
Lonely Heroes

Lonely Heroes is an action-packed adventure about a CIA agent, Roger Taylor, and his Israeli counterpart, Zera.

Roger is called by an old friend to thwart Putin's plan to make billions from a harrowing deception. A personal tragedy leads him to the Middle East where he meets Zera and they infiltrate Iran's nuclear facility.

They are ultimately enlisted by a powerful alien being to stop a heinous plot to blind every living thing on Earth. Roger and Zera must travel into space to save the Earth and friendly aliens from extinction.

Lonely Heroes is a must read!

2052 is a fast-paced, action-packed, heart-wrenching thriller. Eddie Upnick's characters are his greatest strength, as the reader feels attached to all of them.

This is the final book in the trilogy. Time Will Tell and Future Tense are the first two books in the series. 2052 ties all three books together in a fascinating way. From the beginning of the series where the rebel scientists from a dystopian future travel back from 2133 to 1938 to attempt to change the outcome of World War Two in Time Will Tell, to the youngest son of Clem Rizzoli, (a protagonist from TWT) Vito tries to tie up the loose ends his father left behind some twenty years earlier in Future Tense.

This amazing final chapter titled 2052, has Vito and Victoria (the daughter of the time traveler) and their super-naturally gifted children try to save the world from threats from outer space. Get lost in this reality based science fiction story, which is pure escapism at it's best.
Future Tense

Future Tense, the sequel to Time Will Tell, picks up the story twenty years later, from 2022-2028. Our planet is in peril from nuclear threats and alien forces bent on Earth’s destruction.

The Defender returns to Earth, giving special powers to four teenagers. Can these two sets of twins save our world from the incredible internal and external threats it is facing?

Future Tense is a page-turning thrill ride that follows the children and grandchildren of Jeff and Clem, Earth’s saviors from Time Will Tell.
Time Will Tell

Going back to pre-war Germany is the only way to stop an unthinkable future in this thrilling new time-travel adventure.

Four scientists from a Nazi-controlled future return through time to try to change history in Time Will Tell, by Eddie Upnick.

The year is 2133 and the Nazis rule the world. Four scientists are pressured to complete a Time Travel project in time for the 200th anniversary of Hitler’s coming to power. A plan is hatched to change history as the four scientists are transported back to Berlin in 1938. Two SS agents from the future chase the scientists back in time, carrying with them the most hideous weapons of the 22nd century.

In Part Two, after the war, the lives of everyone on Earth are threatened by powerful aliens with their own designs for our planet. In this story of remarkable heroism and friendship, will the forces of good defeat the forces of evil and rescue mankind from an unthinkable future? Only Time Will Tell.
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