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Announcing Eddie Upnick's Exciting New Release
Four Days From Yesterday

Read the riveting first six books!
Time Will Tell, Future Tense, 2052, Lonely Heroes, Full Circle and The Immortality Blues
About the Author

Eddie Upnick lives in Bayside, New York.

Of Time Will Tell, Eddie says, “Many hidden truths are revealed in this book.”

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The Four Days From Yesterday

Four Days From Yesterday  continues the exciting Time Will Tell saga. Decades after planet Earth was destroyed, the supreme race known as the Defenders has come to realize that one of their own caused the deaths of seventy-eight trillion lives throughout the Universe. Feeling complicit in this destruction, the Defenders offer seven immortal survivors of Earth a one-time chance to change history for hundreds of planets. A successful mission would cost these humans their immortality and erase the last fifty years of their lives on New Earth, as an alternate reality would be created. Will these people be willing to make the sacrifice? What would a new timeline mean to them and how would they cope with it? Will good prevail or will evil win the day?

"Book seven in the Time Will Tell Series, Four Days From Yesterday, is a creative masterpiece which keeps the readers engaged throughout. Upnick is one of the best 'unknown' science fiction writers out there. Pure escapism at its best!" from Twitter.

"Upnick's books are written in a precise and easy to understand style, without the usual flowery descriptive prose that permeates the books of King, Koontz, and many others." A.B., from Facebook.

Four Days From Yesterday is available ...
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The Time Will Tell Series: Books 1 - 7

The Time Will Tell Series: Books 1 - 7  Follow the lives of the Time Traveler Jeff and his best friend, Clem Rizzoli. The Time Will Tell Series, books one through seven, bring the readers through time in this fast paced action series. The offspring of the heroes from book one have to tie up loose ends as the series continues.  In all, we follow the lives of the families of Jeff and Clem from 1938-2055.  Enjoy the ride.

Here's your chance to buy all seven books in ONE e-book at a great price!

Time Will Tell - all five books - Science Fiction by Eddie Upnick

The Time Will Tell Series: Books 1 - 7 is available ...
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The Immortality Blues

The Immortality Blues  opens on New Earth where we find Vito Martino immortal after his life was saved by the super being Defender-11. But pondering living on while his friends and family members age and die has put him in a funk. So, Defender-11 attempts to cheer him up by sending Vito on multiple missions, back in time on Earth where he will witness history and attempt to undo some of the wrongs the evil one, Defender-4, had done in the past.

Vito meets famous people and others, influencing history in subtle and surprising ways. Founding fathers? Check. Jesus Christ? Of course. Inimitably, Vito's interactions with benevolent and malevolent beings combine humor, savvy, and action. Upnick connects these adventures with episodes from the five previous books in the Time Will Tell series.

Through time and space, friendships endure through danger and joy. Upnick's memorable characters make  The Immortality Blues a gripping continuation of his epic series.

The Immortality Blues is available ...
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Full Circle

Full Circle  brings together many of the characters in Eddie Upnick's four previous books, Time Will Tell. Lonely Heroes, Future Tense, and 2052  in a reunion on New Earth, the planet to which many humans have moved after a cataclysm on their home world. Interstellar- and time-travel bring the protagonists together for a brief vacation before the action really starts. Once again, Vito (and his team) is called upon to perform heroic deeds the results of which will have consequences for humans and aliens, alike, throughout the galaxy. Supernatural powers will be required to combat the forces of evil. The key to the outcome of this clash is a simple password. Who knows it and who will be able to learn it?

Through the mechanics of time-travel, we also learn how the evils of World War II were not strictly terrestrial. And with that battle approaching its conclusion, threats for the future loom. Will Vito, Jeff, Louise, and Clem be able to preserve the timeline and its unfolding as we know it? Or will events take a drastically different turn, creating an unrecognizable and deadly future?

Full Circle   is available ...
From Amazon in both the book or the Kindle Edition by clicking

2052  is a fast-paced, action-packed, heart-wrenching thriller. Eddie Upnick's characters are his greatest strength, as the reader feels attached to all of them.

As the sequal to Time Will Tell and Future Tense , 2052 ties the story together in a fascinating way. From the beginning of the series where the rebel scientists from a dystopian future travel back from 2133 to 1938 to attempt to change the outcome of World War Two in Time Will Tell, to the youngest son of Clem Rizzoli, (a protagonist from TWT) Vito tries to tie up the loose ends his father left behind some twenty years earlier in Future Tense.

2052 has Vito and Victoria (the daughter of the time traveler) and their super-naturally gifted children try to save the world from threats from outer space. Get lost in this reality based science fiction story, which is pure escapism at it's best.

2052 is available ...
From Amazon in Kindle, Audio and Paperback Edition by clicking

Future Tense

Future Tense, the sequel to Time Will Tell, picks up the story 20 years later in 2022. The blue-collar world of Vito, the youngest son of Clem Rizzoli, is turned upside down when he learns of his father's top-secret, heroic past. The revelations lead him to meet and team up with Victoria, a CIA operative with a pair of extraordinarily gifted teenage twins.

Vito impulsively adopts siblings with terminal cancer. These children are granted special powers, too, by the Defender when he returns to Earth to correct his mistake of years earlier. Together, they all fight a corrupted Russia, rogue nuclear threats, an impending Ice Age, and the return of evil aliens bent on Earth's enslavement.

Future Tense is available ...
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Lonely Heroes

Lonely Heroes  is an action adventure which covers many realms. From Putin's plans to make billions from a brilliant plan to end the world: to slowing the Iranian nuclear weapons program: working with the top Israeli agent, Zera, Roger Taylor, the CIA,s best, work together on Earth to save the planet and other aliens from extinction. This is a book you can not put down!

Lonely Heroes  is a must read!

Lonely Heroes   is available ...
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Time Will Tell

In Time Will Tell the year is 2133 and the Nazis control the world.

Four scientists are pressured to complete a Time Travel project in time for the 200th anniversary of Hitler’s coming to power. A plan is hatched to change history, as the four scientists are transported back to Berlin in 1938. Two SS agents from the future chase the scientists back in time, carrying with them the most hideous weapons of the 22nd century.

After the war, the lives of everyone on Earth are threatened by powerful aliens with their own designs for our planet. In this story of remarkable heroism and friendship, will the forces of good defeat the forces of evil and rescue mankind from an unthinkable future? Only Time Will Tell . . .

Time Will Tell is available ...
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